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Why does life continue to crap on me?  This is absolutely horrible news for every cell customer out there….especially those of us with T-Mobile service.

I love T-Mobile.  It’s been the best cell service I’ve ever had.

Goodbye great customer service.
Goodbye cheap cellphone bill.
Goodbye hassle free company.

Now, this is the second time I’ve gone through a cell company merger.  The first was one of the worst dealings I’ve ever had with a big company.  To give you a little backstory, my first cell service was with AT&T wireless back in….oh…1998.  The service was just ok, but cells were in their infancy then.  The customer service was horrid, but the plan was cheap ONLY because I got a discount through CompUSA where I worked.  All of my friends were on Sprint which they loved and had great dealings with.  Fast forward many years later.  Cingular bought AT&T wireless.  This was the worst planned out company transition ever.  The week the transition happened, my phone just stopped working.  All of a sudden….no more service.  I happened to be driving down to my mothers house that day and when I got there I had received 4….count them 4 phones on my doorstep from Cingular.  What the F*** does a single person need with 4 phones in the first place?!??!!?

My wife and I were meeting my mother for dinner that night.  Instead I spent the next 2 hours straight (missed dinner) on the phone with AT&T, I mean, Cingular, I mean AT&T, I mean Cingular, I mean AT&T, I mean Cingular……

Why do I keep repeating myself?  Because during that whole 2 hours, I was bounced back and forth between the “blue team” and “orange team”  No one knew what the hell was going on. I talked to probably 4 different supervisors.  Through this ill conceived and completely unplanned transition, no one could tell me why my cell service was just shut off, and no one could tell me why I was shipped 4 new Cingular phones.  After those 2 hours, and a talk with the supervisor’s supervisor I finally got my phone back up and running.  Of course, I lost one thing I could not retrieve.  I had one of my favorite guitar players from my favorite band (Steve White from KMFDM) record my outgoing message.  This was gone forever.

Needless to say, the day my contract was over, I switched to T-Mobile and have been absolute happy there ever since.  The fact that they were the first to adopt the Android platform tells me a lot about their company.  Android has all but past up the market penetration of iPhone in only a few years!  My lovely wife bought me a Google/Android G1 the week it came out.  Only a few weeks ago I re-signed a 2 year T-Mobile contract with the new G2.

Now, who knows what the future holds.  If I have to go through that mess again (and God knows it’s possible with AT&T at the helm) I will be a VERY unhappy customer!

I’m very loyal to T-Mobile because of their amazing prices, great customer service, convenient website, good upgrade paths, and phone selection.  None of those qualities are characteristic of AT&T.

The worst part about this whole situation is the joke that has become monopoly laws in this country.  History does indeed repeat itself.  So who do we have to choose from for cell companies now?

Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon.  Whoopie!  In other words, high prices, high prices, and high prices.  The US has the worst cell service in the world.  Lowest coverage, highest prices, least phone choices….the list goes on.   Now we can add to our list of problems holding technology back in this country.

To quote….well, you know…..
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”