More RIAA insanity

All these insane punishments for file sharing make my head spin.  I’m a musician, so I know that musicians deserve their pay (even though they don’t get what they righfully deserve thanks to record companies, but that’s another story), but these fines are insane.  But what’s more insane is that there is no precedence whatsoever for WHAT the fine should be.  In one case we have almost $2 million for 24 songs, and now we have $27,000 for 37 songs.  Where are these numbers coming from?!??!


Blue Cross

We don’t need nationalized healthcare, what we need is some freaking rules imposed on the broken system we already have.  This should be criminal.  People’s lives are being ruined by going bankrupt because they got sick or injured while these jackasses make more money.  This makes me sick to my stomach.


I hope to God this actually goes somewhere!

Apparently I’m a Complainer

I’m setting up this blog because apparently I’m a complainer.  I recognize that fact, but I’m also in denial at the same time.  I guess I’m under this strange disillusion that people have the same passion for things as I do and care about expressing those things and discussing them.  I guess not.

I set this up to be a conduit for those thoughts.  If people read them and comment, that’s alright.  But I’m hoping this may be therapeutic in a way, so that I can better keep my misgivings to myself.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot of PAST complaints to pick up on 😉

There’s a saying….no one likes a complainer, so I wouldn’t doubt if absolutely NO ONE follows this.  But again, it’s ok either way.  It’s more for me than anything.

Hello world!

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